Inexpensive & Simple Paleo Lunch

This was super easy and inexpensive and filled me up. Rare to eat paleo meal for under $5. Here it is:

1 can salt- free chicken or tuna in water

1 can salt – free diced tomatoes, drained

1 can salt – free pees (or green beans if you are eliminating peas still)

1/2 onion chopped and lightly sautéed in olive oil

Splash of red wine vinegar

Splash of poppy seed vinegarette dressing (rare find to fit Paleo criteria, but optional- I have made it without this)

Drizzle of blue agave

Seasoning (I used Himalayan sea salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and garlic powder- a couple shakes each)

Mix and enjoy. Serve warmed up or cold. I refrigerated it and ate it cold over two meals and actually like it more than warm, but that is just my preference.

Canned veggies save money and work for Paleo nutrition lifestyles if you can find thrm salt-free.

[I personally found salt-free veggies at our Winn Dixie (chain grocery store) in central Florida but not at our Publix (another chain grocery store), fyi.]❤

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