Dog Searching

So finally, after years of false promises and expectations, my husband relented and has finally agreed to get a dog (or at least begin the search) for our family. Yay!!! Praise God for answered prayer!! So, we are headed to the SPCA to see who fits us and needs love as much as we do. I have been praying for the right furry friend fit for our crazy crew and busy schedule, that we can have him tag along most of the time. So my excitement is very real. I was raised with dogs and always a cat on the farm and have not had a dog since going away to college in 1992. Yes, way too long and yes, I am old. Lol 😄 So I am ready to love a new adopted little puppy and am eager to get there with my even more eager kids.

Got me thinking, as everything always does, about our adoption. We who are blessed to be Christians are adopted the moment of salvation into God’s loving family. And He often has to wait a long time for us. And oh how He loves us and wants us close to Him but patiently waits for the timing to be in agreement. And how joyful He is when we finally agree to be adopted by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Am I the only one who thinks that is so amazingly cool? Something beautiful to think about.😄❤

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