A New Year Amidst Changes

We brought thr New Year in yesterday with a day of music, dancing, joy, laughter and mourning. Yes, there was mourning as well. My dear Uncle Nick passed into heaven in the morning. My dear, sweet friend’s Granny passed also. So the mourning is for the loss of them on this earth, even though we know there is joy in their presence in Heaven with Jesus. We will miss them. But Newness of the year was celebrated, as the show must go on and many were joyful because of our music and work. So change was a part of the start of the year on its onset. And my hope is that God is always prominent in all we do so we keep Him closer than ever in the forefront of our being. Then whatever tides roll and shift, we are secure in the closeness to Him who is bigger than it all.❤❤❤

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