Happy New Year Blessing!

I will be too busy tomorrow to blog, so I wanted to bestow upon you my blessing for your New Year 2019. Here is my blessing for you:

May you stay close to God and grow even closer to Jesus Christ every day.

May the journey He leads you on be filled with faith and hope every day.

May truth be unavoidable and overtly attractive in every aspect of your thoughts and actions every day.

May the Light and witness of Jesus in your life shine out brightly every day.

May you always see God’s goodness and blessings and worship Him no matter what happens every day.

May you make a difference for God’s kingdom every day.

May you stay humble and pray all day every day.

May the peace and joy and love of God be so strong in you that it trumps everything else every day.

May God be first in your life all day every day.

May you know what a treasure God made you to be and how loved you are every day.

May you smile and laugh every day.😄❤

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