Why I Look Back Less

Everyone is different. Some people love to reflect on the past immensely, every detail. I am weird (in a pretty good way). When God has brought me far, I don’t like to look back at how far He has brought me unless I get in a slump or sad time when I need a boost. Otherwise, I tend to get either comfy with my progress and ease up a bit or I wallow in too much self- thought. Not that I am narcissistic- so far from that, I am way too objective with way too many flaws for that. But I like to keep my humble on. (I will write about humble next.) Too much thought about myself is never good and is counter-productive to how I choose to live.

I like to live now. Every day has opportunities to grow and learn and mist importantly stay and get closer to Jesus Christ. I don’t want the past, it is in the pasture and I might step on something stinky. I want to focus on today, right now. Tomorrow is a theoretical construct which never arrives, so today is it. So today I will pray more, read my Bible, study, learn, live, serve. What better day could there be? One day at a time, this is doable. Today is beautiful!😄❤

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