Christmas Lights

We got our Christmas lights up and I noticed two things:

1. I cannot get a decent picture in the dark. The light shines too brightly in contrast and comes out blurry. I would have to take the pictures in the day to do them justice.

2. All you can see in the dark is what is lit up. You cannot tell anything else about the house or surroundings unless it is lit up.

I thought deeply about these points, as is my custom, and came to two concusions:

1. Surrounded by darkness, the light of Jesus in us is the only things that shine. The darkness is not distinctive and the light is a sharp contrast, difficult on the eyes.

2. In the presence of darkness, the presence of light is desired, wanted, beautiful, what we look for. We want light.

We are the light of the world, now more than ever. We need to be the light. The world needs us to be the light. Jesus is our light and His Holy Spirit that lives in us is the light in us as long as we operate in humble obedient light and not sin darkness which suppresses it.❤

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