Christmas Excitement

I love Christmas. I mean, I love it like a child in full excitement. Why? So many pretty evil people have done their absolute best to take any mention of Jesus’ birthday out of the Christmas, or sorry “holiday” season, rather lol. Here is my secret… I ignore them. Christmas is not about shopping for our family. It is about celebrating the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ into this world to save us. It is incredible, that singular event. If you cannot get excited about that, there is probably very little joy in your life. I choose joy. I choose celebration. I do not care it is not the actual day. So what? It is the one day (or advent) Christians celebrate the human birth of our God Jesus Christ. It is still a day of corporate worship and celebration. How beautiful and fun! What is better. So what if people mock thr mention of our Lord. Always be aware that those people need our prayers because they are missing the truth in their lives, they are never rejecting us but God. That is sad, I pray for them. Never let them diminish your celebration of the truth of Jesus coming to save us all. This excitement and love should fill your heart to overflowing. Maybe if we let that joy seep out around us we can bring that joy back and truth of Jesus. Enjoy!❤

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