Picking Your Battles

If you fought every fight worth fighting, you would be exhausted, pretty beat up and frustrated at the same battles up on the docket for the next day all over again. Some are the definition of futility, meant to distract and frustrate. So, I pick my battles. And here is my criteria… “Is this eternally valuable?” That is it. With my kids, is it eternally valuable that I need to step in and intervene or teach or correct. With my husband, is it eternally valuable or just my pride revving up? I only approach the eternally valuable argument where I am allowed and pray for the rest. In every area of life, I am reserving energy for eternally valuable battles. That does not mean I do not fight for what is right or stand up for Jesus, it means I focus on staying in close relationship with Him and allow Him to lead me to the eternally valuable fights with His strength. This assures I am not exhausted but always ready to fight and have God with me as I do so. I believe we are responsible for what we devote our energy toward and will answer for misspent energy expentitures. Some fights are definitely worth it but not every fight is. Choose the eternally valuable battles and stay close to Jesus in constant prayer and sometimes fasting and that is the best we can do. ❤

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