Vestiges of a Bygone Era

I was cleaning out my bottom drawer tonight, just now actually, and came across vestiges of a bygone era. These were tokens from a deeply past lover. Why had I kept them all these years when it is abundantly and rightfully clear that the sin committed in the past with him is forgiven, forgotten, no more. It is strange why I kept them so long, these gifts that stayed hiding in my drawer. So I removed them and am giving them away to my friend who needs them. These items mean nothing to me now at all. I realized that tonight, but I had not dismissed them from my ownership until tonight. And I pondered why and I guess in a strange way, I had truly felt loved by someone at the time they were given and that felt good. No matter what happens, I can look and remember that I was wanted and loved once by someone. And I am growing more certain by the minute that that was the case. I wanted to remember, as I lay alone at night that once long ago I was loved. And I am giving them away because I realize something newer and much more substantial. Jesus loves me more and He stuck around. And I am not saying that he should have stayed with me… I am right where God wants me and loved truly by Him… I am saying that I wish him well, am glad God separated us so my family could exist, and only need Jesus now and forever more. Past is released and whatever was required for its passing- forgiveness, release, acceptance, peace, joy- is completed. And I move forward with a load lightened and Jesus who loves me forever.❤

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