The Comfort Problem

I believe followers of Jesus have a serious threat… comfort. It is a very real and very dangerous problem. At least in countries of plenty anyway. In countries of less than enough, they have other issues, but in countries and homes of plenty, comfort is the tool the enemy uses.

Comfort keeps us “fat, dumb and happy” as my husband says. Comfort lends itself to excessive self, lethargy, narcissism, and at the very least keeps us from serving the Lord with our gifts. Christians are not called to be comfortable. And if you are feeling pretty comfortable, you may be in a trap right now. Comfort is a powerful tool of the enemy.

Jesus says to obey, to love people, to serve them, to witness, to help. Christians who are comfortable and who do not do anything for the Lord but just for themselves are in very grave danger of missing the rapture and being forced into the upcoming tribulation. We need to help now, lead people gently to Jesus now, love people now, forgive now. Comfort is for later, for heaven. Yes, God gives peace, joy and contentment, even blessings, but comfort is from the bad guy. All we are given is meant to be used for God’s work, for Him.

Check yourself and see if there is any of your comforts that can be given to fill a need. Get out of comfort and into service and prayer. God will reward such gifts.❤

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