The Downside of People

People are beautiful works of God with His fingerprints all over them. They are capable of humbly trusting Jesus Christ as their Savior. They are capable of great kindness and great health and great reflections of God, even though we are far under Him in every way. We can reflect His light when we choose to and ask. This is absolutely beautiful!

The Downside of People is their tendency to instead of all those good things choose to be naughty, lazy, distracted, prideful and most of all selfish. And this is the downside of people. It is the downside to the church too (a group of people).

God gives us chance after chance and warning and opportunity and grace to snap to and love Him and others (the entire crux of the mandate of the Bible) and people can choose to do what “feels good” (until they get to eternity and find out they should have gone for obedience). Or people can choose to humbly obey. It is everyone’s choice and not making a choice is actually making a pretty awful one. So much better to get your life together and right and be saved by Jesus.❤

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