Urgency of Prayer

It is no secret that we are to pray. Prayer is commanded, not an option for anyone who hopes to please God. He loves each of us and wants a relationship with us, which cannot be done without prayer- talking to and spending time with God.

Lately, there is more of an urgency to our prayers that I feel in my spirit. We are close to the rapture, maybe this second and maybe a year or two, no one knows but God, but it feels close. And there are a lot of people who need to choose to love and please God who are not. They need salvation through Jesus Christ. We all do. In addition, we who are saved need to get our hearts cleaned out, come alive, live for Jesus, read our Bibles, forgive and pray. Thirdly, our President and country need prayers. Bad people are busy doing bad, devisive things and they need to be stopped and punished and good people doing good things need strength and protection and moral integrity.

So, to review, pray urgently for:

1. Being ready for the rapture.

2. Unsaved loved ones to be saved by Jesus.

3. Christians to wake up and repent and turn to God and do good for Him and pray.

4. Our country and leadership and for good to be strengthened and evil overcome and punished.

So pray urgently for these things. God always blesses prayer. Always, He is present when you humbly pray.❤

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