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I am so honored to have been nominated by an excellent blogger friend AmazingTangledGrace.❀ This blogger encourages me via this award when I am encouraged by her all the time! It is beautiful to have confirmation that truth and encouragement are being received by my blog. That is my goal and this makes me happy. Praise God!πŸ˜„β€

There are two main events that made a powerful impact on my life. Ironically, both would seem negative but changed my life for the better in the long run. I hope this encourages you.

1. A very close friend threw me away.

This happened first, a very long time ago but it impacted me more than anything before that at the time. The second incident impacted me much more but this is first because it happened first. Well, I had been friends with this person for 8 years and we grew closer and became very close for 11 months, talking hourly, sharing everything, knowing each other well, better than anyone. And all of a sudden, with little legitimate reason, this dear, loved friend entirely abandoned me and changed numbers and moved and ceased all contact, dropped off the face of the world. This horrific event really was a wake up call in who I choose to put my trust. And the reason this is on my list as opposed to my marriage or happy births of my loved children or travels or doctorate earned and whatnot is that it taught me a very humbling and valuable lesson, that God is the only One I should ever trust. And I hold to that. And it has never failed me. God does not randomly reject us. God does not throw us away after telling us how much He loves us. God never stops loving us and never changes at all. This is so very comforting. Whatever happens, happens but I have God as my Heavenly Father.

2. My daddy died.

He was my person, loved me, taught me everything about strength and faithfulness and love. I became depressed at his death. And I poured myself into Jesus Christ and read my Bible as much as possible and God healed me and has blessed me so much. My perspective changed entirely. I realized the eternal is the most important thing and concentration on God cures any possible screwed up thinking.

I was instructed to tag 10 bloggers who motivate and inspire me personally. And I nominate these ten for the Awesome Impact Award. I have more than 10 but have to limit it to ten so please don’t be hurt if I don’t have room for everyone. Here are my personally inspired and faithfully read bloggers that help lift my faith and spirits day in and day out. I so appreciate you!











Thank you! God bless everyone!πŸ˜„β€


2 thoughts on “Awesome Impact Award

  1. Congratulations, Tonya! Here are the instructions for your list: 1. Go to the page of the blog you want to nominate and highlight it and hit copy. 2. Go to your blog post and after the name of the blog you are nominating, hit paste. The address will now be on your blog post. Do the same for each nominee.

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