Procrastination Can Have Eternal Consequences

We humans often put off doing some hard work until we feel more like it or want to or are ready to. But as we know, tomorrow never comes. It is always today.

When people procrastinate with important things like salvation, forgiveness, working for the Lord, serving others, helping people, using the gifts God gave us, it can have eternal consequences.

We do not know the day or the hour of the rapture. No one does. We don’t even know the day or hour we will die. Accidents can and do happen every day. Our next breath is never guaranteed us. We ought to live today in such a way that eternity can come upon us at any moments and that would be great.

So stop procrastinating. If you need to forgive someone, forgive them. If you need to confess, confess. If you need to repent, repent. Think eternally and be ready at any time to live eternally with the Lord. He loves you and wants you to.❤

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