Helping Jesus

I understand that God can do anything and does not need our help. But He allows us to help in being His hands and serving and hugging people and it blesses everyone when we do that.

I used to crave Jesus’ arms around me, wanted to feel His hug because I have an enormous lack of hugs, historically. And God sent me my daughter, the hugging queen. She could just hug people all day and feel like the world is a perfect place and all is well. So instead of coming down from heaven and breaking His prophecy early and hugging me, he gave me a daughter to hug me any and every time I ever want. So she was being His hands.

And today, I am going to my mom’s to clean her bathrooms. Yes, not high on my wish list of enjoyable moments, but she cannot do it anymore and I can “help” Jesus do this for her. And that is very satisfying. Gross, but worth every bit to help everyone.

And this is how we can practically bless and help everyone. God honors such obedience.❤

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