Sadness is a Choice

Good and bad and trials and tests happen to everyone. They grow you if b you handle them morally and with grace and they sadden us if we don’t. I thought sadness was a result of horrible things happening. Just a little bit. Sadness is the result of focusing on those things instead of n on God who can strengthen and help you through them. Sadness is a choice, like so many things. And when I fell into self-pity and deep sadness at the loss of my dad and two loved friends simultaneously, I know for sure I was not focusing on God but what I had lost. And we can grieve without choosing deep sadness/depression. Reading the Bible and prayer and focusing on God pulled me back out again so hope is always there. I wonder if I had started with that how much better off I and my family would have been. Jesus is every answer to every need.❤

2 thoughts on “Sadness is a Choice

  1. I agree. If we let our ourselves feel miserable, then we will be miserable. God will never abandon the souls who are lost, we should trust in His timing, because it will never fail.
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