Band Recording

So tonight our band dressed up for a recording gig. It was so fun.

Cheesy me was taking pictures sneaky – like while we are being video-taped for the website (I’ll let ya know when it is up). It was great but some footage has to be re-shot because a zoom was inadvertently pushed and one person’s top of their head was chopped off.

And that is how life goes sometimes. Sometimes, life is a lot of work and maybe you get a yield. And Christianity is like that. You put tons of effort into the kids or adults at church or unsaved friends and you just get nothing to show for it. But with working like that for Jesus, we have great news because working for Jesus is always fruitful and beneficial, even when we don’t see it. God looks at the heart. He cares about our motives. We want to help, want to love Him, want to help save people. And maybe we plant a seed or water one we know nothing about or save them in time. And even if they choose eternity without God’s goodness because they just prefer being bad to being saved, Jesus still rewards the effort, thr motive. And we have practiced and learned for next time. Nothing is wasted. Let us keep pressing on. Never give up. Good is always rewarded (maybe eventually or in eternity). ❤


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