The Love Problem of Holiness

People love the love message of God. Rightly so, God is love in its truest and most powerful and yet gentlest form. And this love recognizes our need for God and thus resonates in our hearts and souls. God is truly love and all goodness. This is beautiful and glorious.

There is another aspect of God people get nervous and rejecting about. God is holy. Be a use of this holiness and perfect purity within Himself, He antithesis is sin. He detests it in any form. Sin is detestable to God. This is why Jesus’ redemption is the key to being close to God. Jesus saved us from separation from God. But those who do not receive and accept Jesus’ redemption work for themselves can not hope for eternity close to God. Not at all. God’s holy nature dictates that and so must cast away forever anyone attempting to s eak into heaven without Jesus covering/eliminating their sin. This judgment is unpopular. How can a loving God send anyone to hell? Because He is holy. But He made a way available for anyone who wants it… Jesus. ❤

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