“Consider the Source”

This advice was inspired by God for me and my kids in particular but I believe is wise for everyone also: “Consider the source”. This advise can be positive or negative. If a doctor tells you to not eat something you are allergic to, consider the source, that they know how to read the tests you took and have good insight into how to protect you. If a politician or lawyer says to give you more money, you consider the source that they want a pay raise on your dime for no good reason but greed. If a bully tells you you are too fat, too skinny, ugly, dumb, whatever, consider the source and know that the opposite is true. If a loving grandmother says not to marry that person, consider the source and heed thenwisdom, assuming she wants what is best and sees beyond what you can when blindly in love. Consider the sours can get you through many obstacles unscathed.❀

3 thoughts on ““Consider the Source”

  1. I agree. Considering the source after taking what “they” have to offer you into consideration is wise in most cases, especially if you and they are working from within the same context.

    Considering ourselves as the prime source is most key however. Who knows us like we know ourselves? We have intuition to draw from, and our inner voice can be very helpful if we allow it to be. When something feels right or feels a little off, we sense it.

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