Rainy Weeks’ Work

So, always trying to focus on the silver lining, I have organized and cleaned my daughter’s room and the pantry and kitchen. Then I will spring clean. So there is always a blessing in every bit of gloom we meet. And I am quite enjoying it. And if it were sunny and warm, we would be at the pool or doing yard work or what not and now I can focus on these necessities to make home better and more efficient. Thank you, God!❤

True Freedom

“True Freedom is found in following Christ”~Monica Brands. It is not a works race and not a natural concept at all. We are truly free and win the race, out-running all our imperfections and enemies without and within not by doing more, running harder, trying more, being perfect. Our freedom and win comes from unexpected things like humility, prayer, praise, worship, obedience, forgiveness. These make us truly free. The result us that we want to serve out of our thankfulness. Out works don’t save us. Jesus Christ saves us and we accept that and draw close to Him every way we can. This is freedom which you can bank on and which can never be forcefully removed from you. Jesus is our freedom. Woo hoo!❤