Thinking of Buchanan, MI

I often think of and ponder my hometown of Buchanan, MI, in the Southwest corner of Michigan. It is a beautiful town, largely rural and lovely with a rippling brook going through the town center. And it is a sweet, wonderful town with a sweet shop and local grocery store and all of 5 lights, I think. You can get across town in 5-8 minutes and the landscape is quaint and peaceful. Nice high school with two tennis courts. McCoy creek park had baseball and softball diamonds and the creek and bridges and playground and a great sledding hill in winter. Such a sweet area. And the church I grew up in (still going, with family and church family I still love) was Buchanan Christian Church with three full stories and a great parking lot we rode bikes in and a great park across the street. It was a great place to live. It is still a great place to live. God blessed me with Buchanan, Michigan. God blessed me so much. I am exceedingly grateful.

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