Rough Day

I realized I missed a friend’s call two days ago. That is annoying. And Steve has been irksome all day, thr kids argumentative, got bad news today of the moral character of someone I know, worked hard in the yard and packing up the van for a gig tomorrow but did not drink enough water and got dehydrated, and in general felt blah and irritable. So it was a rough day. Nonetheless, I find great comfort in the fact that God is the same today as He was yesterday. No one else in my life is consistent and faithful- my dad was the only one and he is in heaven now- even myself lately, but God is consistent and faithful. No one sees my inner beauty but God. No one wants to love and be with me all the time but God. God is still loving as always, still made me on purpose, still uses me whenever He sees fit, still blesses me with little diamonds He drops down for me. God is so very good and for that (and maybe only that today) I smile and have peace and joy in my heart. God is everything. God is more than enough. I am content. ❤

4 thoughts on “Rough Day

  1. “No one sees my inner beauty but God.”
    This is so true. Few days back I was thinking about this, as of why, whatever good I do to people, everything goes unnoticed and ditch me so easily. I put in a lot of trust, emotions, hope on people. I invested so much patience, money, and time on them. I did no sin. I never cheater. I never lied. But they let me go so easily. It hurts so much. I’m suffering and they are so happy now. I don’t understand the point why was I asked to go through all these despite being very honest. Still, God is my only hope right now and forever.

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    1. I have been through that, precious friend and lovingly created one. It is relentlessly painful and impossible to understand apart from this… people are untrustworthy and prone to selfishness and sin apart from being wrapped up in God. Evil is prevalent. But the brokenness is healed by the God who made you and our sorrow is comforted b y Jesus, the “man of sorrows, aquainted with grief”. God is the faithful, generous One. He is the One to trust and lean on. And you doing that is a sign of your wisdom and good judgment and being the better person. Only through pain to we grow fastest and in thr right direction when we rely on God and draw close to Him. Love you and your heart, precious friend. God’s got you… cling to Him. ❤


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