Previously my worst character flaw, I have struggled with gentleness. As a born leader, always thrust into leadership positions, I have not been treated with much gentleness by many except my grandparents and closest friends. And when they were gentle, I misunderstood it as meekness, weakness even sometimes. I thought these traits were detrimental to leadership at worst, not necessary at best. I realize now, with maturity and wisdom God blessed me with, that gentleness is one of the strongest powers a leader can possess. It is not weakness that drives gentleness but a choice to be gentle even when it is easy to be otherwise. It is self-control and humbleness mixed with wisdom and diplomacy. There are jerks who are jerks because they never met gentleness in their life. Now gentleness must be balanced with the rest of the fruits of the Spirit for the best possible me or you. But gentleness is definitely a powerful trait to practice.❤

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