Retaliation is for Animals

When you are wronged or wounded, your gut instinct is to retaliate, exact vengeance, get even, demand evil upon them, wish an anvil would drop on their heads (yeah, so I loved cartoons in the 80’s), whatever the case may be. Retaliate is the animal instinct, the pride demanding it’s rights. However good that would feel for a little while, it is never God’s answer and never eternally satisfying. You see, if you take a big step back at the big picture, eternity is in that scope. In the moment, we are thinking myopically in that tiny space for that tiny time. The thing is God says vengeance is His. In a twisted way, you do more damage to them by letting God punish them. But if you take the way of love Jesus taught us, you, wait for it, love them back. Thank them for the lesson in humility, which is where we need to be anyway, and heap on them good things. Why? Because maybe they will see they were wrong and make amends or even be saved. And if they are not, they answer to God who can do a heck of a lot more damage than you. Expect higher function of yourself than a base animal. Choose not to retaliate, choose love. And that is power, truth, beauty, the glory of God. You will get better and retain your joy and peace. Ah, what a beautiful option!❤

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