So, We Are Eight!

Today, we celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary! In celebration style, we had a family work day where we moved a 5′ x 6′ slab of concrete from one place in the yard to another to make way for a small outdoor kitchen. So, we will enjoy that for years and with a lot of hard work and 5 1/2 hours and much ingenuity, a van and some rope, a crow bar, a brick, a broken flathead shovel and two conduit pipes, we moved that heavy thing. And we have it forever! Soon, we will put the outdoor grill there and the smoker and be ready to be our own amazing restaurant. So Yay us! After a good shower, we headed to Red Lobster and had some crab legs and scallops. They sure are good here. And that was wonderful! Heard from a good friend and had a productive then yummy day. So ready for our week now. A busy week ahead, but last week’s vacation to the mountains and today really cleared my head of debris and refreshed my spirit. And I am so blessed! Speaking of blessings, my son the teenager had been a but whiny lately and I gave him the assignment. He has to and does write down 10 things that are blessings/good every single day. And his whiny is all but gone and he is my positive boy again. It is a good practice for all of us. We are all blessed and can focus on that rather than the obstacles. God blesses every day. He is so good!❤

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