Truth Frees You

False beliefs, lies, inconsistencies, denial, half truths, little white lies, all the same thing… Not truth. Lies of all shapes and sizes are the greatest tools of Satan, who wants you and me dead. He hates who God made and loves. And he uses these not truths to deceive the masses. He is evidently doing a great job. But I know his dirty little secret and you need to know too. Here it is. His lies are not truth. In fact, most of the time the opposite is true. He fools people into believing he is as powerful as God. Bahaha. As if. The Creator is always more powerful than the created, the fallen angel Satan, our enemy. He was once a beautiful, powerful angel and pride convinced him he could be equal to God and God discovered this betrayal and banished him. Since, he has waged war on us because he lost. He wants us dead. But the temptations he uses and lies upon lies and pride of course which underlies it all, he cannot ever offer gifts from God of love, peace, joy, etc. or power. He just doesn’t have it to give. It’s all smoke and mirrors, all lies. So knowing that truth frees us to live for and with God, as we were made to. ♥

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