Statistics on & The Definition of Pornography Addiction I Often Cite

This is a problem in our society and unfortunately also in our churches. It is pretty alert and indicative of moral decline that cannot possibly put us in a good light with God. We need God, friends. We need as a country to repent of this. We need to personally. God helps everyone who humbly asks Him for help. ❤

3 thoughts on “Statistics on & The Definition of Pornography Addiction I Often Cite

  1. As the person who wrote what you linked to, I would urge you not to put this into a box called “proof of moral decline”. The stigma of morality is why more Christians report being porn addicts than those in general society. There was a time when people with alcoholism were put into sanitariums and labeled as feebleminded. We now understand that alcoholism — and all addiction for that matter — alters the brain chemistry, rendering it a disease. The more stigma we attach, citing people who suffer with porn addiction as immoral, evil, weak, etc. the less likely people are going to be to reach out for help.
    Over 90% of addicts, regardless of their addiction, report medium-to-severe trauma (physical, mental or sexual) early in their lives. Addictions are coping mechanisms, not signs of immorality. We need compassion, and to let these people know there is help and support, not a shaming. Addicts already carry enough shame with them.

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    1. You are right, sir. I thank you for teaching me. As a recovering porn addict, I know that my addiction was based on immorality and a spiritual stronghold and closeness to God and the truth healed me, but you reminded me that every person is different and those who became addicts from a trauma have different needs entirely. Thank you for this encouraging correction and I am sorry for my ignorance. I appreciate you. God bless you. ☺

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      1. Thank you for understanding where I’m coming from, and even more importantly, sharing what a scourge on society, religious or secular, porn addiction is going to become unless we do something soon.

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