The Power of the Holy Spirit

I was raised in a wonderful church that emphasized and maximized the power of God and taught the truth but unfortunately mentioned the power of the Holy Spirit in passing. To make matters worse in this arena, I was transferred from a Christian school to an Assemblies of God school during high school. We attended chapel and saw the speaking in tongues look like foolish babble but presented as more important than any other spiritual gift, making a mockery of the Holy Spirit. And from reading my Bible straight through 7 or 8 times and studying portions also for years and years in church. I know my Bible and was unsatisfied with every church I have been to throughout the country with how the Holy Spirit is presented as powerless and gibberish- speaking. And I am now voicing what I read and know of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Savior of all who believe and accept Him as Savior with a humble, true heart, was resurrected from death as prophecied. He was seen by at least 500 people, touched them, ate with them, taught them, loved them. And before he went back to God the Father in the clouds to build Heaven, He left the disciples the promise of the gift of Holy Spirit. And the amazed but scared disciples, fearful for their lives, waited together. And on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came. He came to live in the soul of every humble believer who follows Jesus Christ as Savior. And that is still true today. And the power He gave these disciples transformed them from cowards to courageous, fearless to joyful, restless to peaceful. That power, because the Holy Spirit is God, has not diminished one iota. And His power allowed everyone to hear the truth of Jesus Christ in their own language. That is speaking in tongues. It was always done for clarity. Clarity. Not babble, not drama, but clarity. And more than that, thr Holy Spirit is our constant companion, comforter, teacher, reminder, peace, joy, love, hope, truth, strength, courage and so much more. The Holy Spirit is why we are never alone and are secure in our identity as God’s children. We grieve Him by choosing to live in sin rather than accept His gifts and/or rejecting Jesus Christ’s salvation. We please the Holy Spirit by humbly listening to Him and allowing Him to be our strength, which He is so good at. And there you have Him. The perfect Gift and helpful Companion full of love and power and very best Friend.❤❤❤


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