My kids and my kids at church I teach learned about “faith”. It is a buzz word people use but I don’t think they really understand it or its power. “Faith” is believing the truth of something despite never seeing it personally. We can have faith that we will wake up in the morning based on the truth of our experience that we always have. We can have faith that the chair will hold us. So on. But when we have faith in God, that becomes supernatural because He and His truth, found in prayer and the Bible, are the only definite/absolute truth we have. And that opens a bridge between our physical neediness and God’s unlimited love and power. Faith puts us at the foot of His glorious throne and we realize His love is greater for us than we imagined and all the obstacles melt away. It is just you and God in that moment. And the greater the faith, the greater the connection to God and there is its power and value. ❤

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