Not Better but Different

There is always two ways of doing anything. One might be better for one person and one might be better for another. I do not frown upon anyone’s different way of doing it for I want the same consideration. (I am not talking about blatant sins like sleeping with someone not married to or killing or worrying and so on- those things are never acceptable as Christians.) As far as teaching or rearing children or cooking or clothing or whatever, judgments need to be withheld to promote diversity and independent thought. Maybe someone’s different way of doing something works brilliantly if tried or is all that works for them. Judging in this way is divisive and divisiveness is cursed in the Bible. We need to accept and love and build each other up and not sit around criticizing like you know the only right way. That is arrogance and harms the kingdom of God. In all that you do, promote unity in the body of Christ, foster acceptance and embrace differences as part of the plan, because it is. Who are you to question God’s design? Who am I to do so? We have a great example of this in Job. And his humility in the end of the rebuke from God directly is our example of how to correct it and make it right. Going through things, just humbly accept and pray about it and I bet you will be through it much faster and rewarded in the end.❤

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