Serving the Selfish

When we volunteer with any organization that seeks to serve the Lord and serve others for Him, we unwittingly sign up to be abused. Gone are the days when service and good are truly appreciated and rewarded. The evil in this world and its subsequent selfishness and narcissism have given people a sense of entitlement, that they deserve to be served, pampered, worshipped, and yet these same folks are the most insecure people in the world. Why? They are wrong, that’s why. Serving ourselves brings glory to us. Serving God is a much more worthy and Noble cause because HE MADE US. Serving our Creator satisfies our soul, gives us fulfillment and positive self-esteem. We are important because the God of all the universe made us are nd says we are and wants a relationship with us. Serve anyway, even under persecution (don’t stay where they hurt you but don’t give up on trying to serve). Let God have your service and heart and He will give you peace and joy unlike any you have known. So worth it!❤

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