Now and again, my old temper flares, I see some wrong or injustice, someone acts badly, something is said that I know is a lie that harms others, whatever it is. I am a vocal extravert and sometimes need to blow off steam and vent. I write this because I vented to the wrong person, namely my husband, and he accused me of thinking I was perfect. So, here is a disclaimer: I am the worst of sinners but am only anything at anything because God made me and declares I am forgiven (after asking for forgiveness). Without God, I am a horrible person. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. I will write another book about it one day. Scary stuff. But with God I am forgiven and clean. I am still not perfect, hence the venting. And here is my warning: Do not vent to a person at all, vent to God. Someone deep in sin sees someone venting about some sin and the one venting is going to come across and cross holier than thou. And no one is but God. So talk to Him. I will be doing everything within my power to adhere to this rule. Why was I made an extravert? God knows. I guess to be vocal about good stuff. So I need to be extra aware of the bad stuff being saved for private time with God. Although, truth be told, in my private time with Him, I just want to talk about Him. Lol Maybe the answer is just to get alone with God and let His peace wash over me. More time with God, how can that ever be a bad idea? 😄❤

One thought on “Venting

  1. Great post. We have a venting page on our site. It is healthy to vent, especially in writing. We have been labeled, “High and Mighty” for expressing moral opinions to the wrong person. Writing is best. We will never come down from our “high horse” because it’s better up there!

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