Why I Long for the Rapture but Why I am Content to Wait

Jesus Christ is coming very soon to take His bride home. We who are saved by geace through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God the Son, are faithful and are pure (washed clean by Jesus’ blood of sins) and ready to go (have served and worshipped God and are not in current sin or unforgiveness or worshipping other gods) will be caught up to heaven. People long ago have labeled this event the “rapture” or the “rapture of the church”. The Bible calls this the “catching away” or “catching up” of the bride, the true Christians (not Christians in name only but actual Christians, those with a personal relationship with God the Son, Jesus Christ, as Savior and Lord, followers of God the Father with God the Holy Spirit living in our hearts. And I am eager for that day. Also, I am more than happy to wait because I want as many to be saved as posaible. So does God. He loves everyone He has made. Really loves them. So do I. And so we keep working and serving and worshipping and doing the best we can. It is what we need to do to be prepared when we are gotten out of here. And hopefully, we will have tons and tons of company. Please pray and fast with me to that goal and keep serving and worahipping. We can rest in heaven (or won’t need to then). Don’t give up. Run the race with endurance, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…❤

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