Boycotting Hollywood

Now, I know they are pawns. But it is still their choice. I will not support and purchase tickets and watch Hollywood movies or mainstream media channels anymore. I won’t support Facebook or Twitter. These companies are run by people evidently against unity in America. They want war, want derision, want chaos, was division, have gotten quite rich selling their bodies and running their minds for profit. They cannot seem to be able to support unity and our duly appointed President. And I refuse to send my children and pay for college at these universities bowing down to these entitled, spoiled, divisive brats. Why are people bowing down to these ingrates? Why are they protected? It is backwards. There is no good reason to promote this negativity. I thought it would die out and go away where it should be but it is not. Do not support these thugs, meaning the billionare owners of these people and companies. Their power is like a little twig God can snap anytime He chooses. Their money is filthy rags next to the glory of God. Our souls are more valuable than one decision to do evil and the Holy Spirit living in us is greater than any evil principalities ordering these puppets around. 

2 thoughts on “Boycotting Hollywood

  1. I don’t know what’s going on in Hollywood, as off the top of my head I can think of about thirty other things to which I’d rather devote my attention. And as someone who has no faith or participation in political games, I’m just assuming that the man in office now is so far from representing certain people and their values, that they are personally witnessing the drawbacks and eventual downfall of democracy. I follow Christ. He is my one and only leader, and I can say beyond doubt that he represents who I am in love and that is not going to change. So what happens when people don’t follow God and put all their faith into representative democracy? Sometimes they may feel adequately represented, but sometimes they may not. Personally that is too much of a roller-coaster for me, but I think what Jesus would ask of us is to have compassion for the people who are hurting now and who feel as if they are without a leader. Hopefully, they will see God pursuing them.

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