Difficulty of Prayer

I believe firmly that the hardest thing about praying is not the words to speak, not the right way or wrong way (there is no wrong way), not anything about the prayer itself but it is this: the bowing. Bowing the heart in humbleness, bowing the head in respect and lowliness, bowing the will to God’s, bowing the pride to beg of God’s attention for help, bowing of independence upon self, bowing of attention from self-indulgence to self-sacrifice. That is why more people don’t pray or pray as often. It is the bowing that brings us difficulty. We are taught to celebrate self or tangibles to depend on no one but self or stuff. To bow is the opposite of all that. But it is the bowing that God honors, rewards, uses, acknowledges, loves, recognizes. The bowing worships God as bigger, capable, in charge, worthy, generous, loving, good, etc. Bowing is the hardest part of prayer but by far the best part, worthy of the effort and the letting go of deterrents from doing so. ❤❤❤


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