When Bad Days Try Your Patience

Good days are wonderful, and days are pretty much what you make of them. For the most part, that is true. Some days, however, it is difficult to determine whether you are being tested or just kicked in the butt by the devil. And are those last two really the same thing after all? Well, we started strong with a 2 1/2 mile walk and talk with God, so nice. Weather was cooler than it had been and a nice breeze. Sweet, right? Then I get some quilt work done and vacuum, get the kids fed, the guys are working on the porch, still good. My son’s friend comes over and I have a nice chat with his mom. Still good. I teach my daughter how to cross stitch and she is a natural, all good. I get the kids lunch and work more on the quilt. Good. Then Zach’s dad calls with yet another false accusation from his brood of vipers and I am done with them. I told him so ver clearly. Worse then. Then the guys are done for the day. I overhear my husband say wives can be replaced. Really? I can’t, you know. And then we meet friends for dinner and get home and anger rears it’s little head. Not a major thing but being tired makes it one. So an otherwise great day sours and I wonder what the lesson is. I want to learn it quickly to correct or give it to God or whatever needs to happen. Whatever the lesson, Lord, I accept it and give You the problems to guide me wisely in and the wisdom to know what to do and say, I yield control to You and await direction. And I praise You, Lord, for Your wisdom and understanding. You are the amazing One! ❤❤❤


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