Clearing the Head

Today was a head clearing day. Most of it was mental. But for me, mental precedes everything else and tends to get the most cluttered. I have a conversation prepared if I ever speak with a particular person again. That is done. One less thing floating around my head. Also, I laid all my quilt blocks and planned exactly what needs to be done to get it together. That is checked off my mental cargo hold. I spent a lot of extra special time with Kathleen today, which she has needed and it had been weighing on me. That is checked off with a concerted effort to keep that up. Several other things were talked out with God on 3 mile walk this morning, so that was special and decluttered a bunch of little things. So declutter in my mind was my theme today. It was completely unintentional and I just realized it myself and feel unburdened so I know it was a gift from God. So I feel so very blessed. Praise God!!

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