Never Underestimate Thread

Quilting is my current art form and is a patience building exercise. I am working on the return of Christ and that is a complex picture to paint on fabric, but never underestimate thread, strategically placed. It is like inky from a painter n in the right hands. And God is masterful at His art and is helping me. I was never this good, and God is the master. He weaves brilliant quilts a trend tapestries into our lives. He takes blocks of experiences and threads them together with love and care to create within us a masterpiece. God does this as we cannot because He is a master with thread. Do not ever worry that your life is tattered and ripped, for God can make those shreds into a magnificent, beautiful masterpiece. You are worthy in His loving eyes of His time and skill. Do not underestimate Him. He is not finished with you yet, beautiful friend. ❤❤❤


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