Sick Days

Our handyman has been ill yesterday and today, so I have had a lot of time to work on my quilt. And I do not like the fact that he is sick because illness is awful, but I am basking in two days off in the air conditioning and doing my quilt art. I have never done such an elaborate quilt (this being my fourth ever and the other 3 were simpler for kids), and I love the artistry involved. I did not appreciate them properly before, they require a lot of time and planning and expertise of artistic implementation. What a joy to participate in this timeless artistic craft and how blessed I am to be having the story of Jesus (for I cannot tell my story without telling His) as well as our own story on it. It is a blessing to be working with my hands on such a project. Each square picture I finish brings such delight! I am content. God has blessed me so much! Thank you, Lord! ❤

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