Unintentional Jerk

There are people walking around with such pain they have never healed from and such horrible memories they have never forgotten and such great wrongs done against them they have never forgiven plus the enormous push toward self-centered humanism and thus narcisism, that it is no wonder so many are unintentional jerks. They are jerks without it being on purpose. They are the blind, the deceived, the trying to cope with deep matters by shallow means (that would be a great song). They only lack one very simple truth. The answer is Jesus Christ, who heals deep parts, fills loneliness, forgives, forgets, loves, gives hope willingly. He is the only One. If they knew there was an end to the cruel punishment of evil imposing on us to destroy us every chance it can, they would be free to live eternally with peace and joy and hope and not be jerks anymore. Jesus is the answer, drawing close to Him is the only lasting healing cure. The answer is Jesus. Truth is just that simple. Humbly praying to Him is the first step after and reading the Bible starts replacing the layers of lies with sweet sweet truth. ❤


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