Waffle Magic

Not my normal super contemplative self tonight (super tired so not thinking deeply), but found something new out and wanted to bless it forward…. So, I bought this old round waffle maker at a garage sale the other year and have worked on it a bit here and there, trying for the perfect scratch waffle batter and system. And I have perfected it for our little taste buds!  Steve still won’t eat it (he doesn’t eat breakfast), but the kids and I love it. My secret ingredient is lemon juice. My baker friend told me it is because it starts breaking down the gluten and keeps it soft and airy and not chewy. I do that with pancakes. One splash for pancakes and two splashes with waffles. It also mixes with the baking powder to make air bubbles, keeping it light. And don’t forget the vanilla. I am sorry, I don’t have exact measurements because I always throw it together. But try your basic recipe and just add the lemon juice and see what you think. 

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