God of Beauty

People think of God as all wise and all knowing (omniscient), all present (omnipresent), all powerful, all truth, loving, good, patient, full of grace and mercy, etc. And He definitely is all of those and worthy of lifetimes of praise on each characteristic. But my favorite feature of God, apart from His love and truth is His sheer perfect beauty. As an artist and art-lover, my eye is drawn to and deeply appreciates beauty. I adore beauty of character and gentility and patience and passion my love possesses. I tear up at beauty in nature and in my children and capturing moments in people. Art is appreciation of beauty and expression of beauty. And my little eye sees everything God has made as intrinsically, perfectly, etherially, exquisitely beautiful. He weaves beauty into His work. He could have made the world black and white but no, He chose rich beautiful colors, washing everything in passion. He made such beautiful details in a single cell that makes us up. And every artist knows that greater skill is required in making the details smaller, much moreso microscopic! So I have been praising God for His perfect and beautiful designs and passion He put into what He made. It is incredible and I am in awe of His magnificent beauty He has to be to put it into everything He made! Even me! Even you! God’s beauty is ubiquitous (everywhere)!!! Mmmmm! ❀❀❀


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