The Ins and Outs of Ups and Downs

I am even keel. However, I have friends through the loop riding massive roller coasters emotionally in their lives, up down, in out, life is a wild ride for them. While amusing to watch, I cannot imagine that to be fun. Not really. And I started to wonder how is it some of us take things as they come, a very island, reggae kind of life, gnarly dude, and some are crazy all over the place like a high strung competitive New Yorker on the beaches of Hawaii trying to relax: “Ok, I’ll relax and get some sun. Now forget relaxing, I am wasting the day and don’t want to burn! Let’s get to a store. Let’s rent a scooter. They are all rented, we were too late!!!!!! Let’s just watch the sunset…. ….. Why does it take so long?” Like I said, amusing to watch but terrible to live. And some people seem to live there on purpose or at least not know there is an alternative option. So I wondered why I go with the flow and am flexible. And it might be that in spiritual gifts, my faith runs very very high and my fear runs very very low. In addition, my humble has developed and expanded greatly and I absolutely love surprises and hate (as of my last great life lesson) the perception of being in control. Only God is truly in control of anything except our own free will and accompanying words accord actions. That is all we have control over and that can be removed from us with one accident or someone else’s poorly chosen free will. So there it is. I roll with the punches because I have a close relationship with God, faith, humility, no ambition for control and love surprises. Everyone’s story must be different, but this one is mine. Oh, and I love people too. That helps too. Hope that helps someone relax a bit. Lol ☺ Love you!


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