Details of Memories Fade but Never Die

Don’t get me wrong, some memories you remember every detailof, they are intentional memories, something your heart at the moment told you “Hey, you’re gonna need this later, file it well and hang onto it” like precious last days with a parent or a first soft, sweet kiss or that deep breath in after hiking a mountain or the feel of applause after singing an original song in front of a large audience. These moments are cataloged and banked in their entirety, deep memories where everything about it is documented forensically. And these are staples to pull out of our minds in moments where we need reminders of success or love or tenderness ir empathy or just being a human being. But most memories, we archive the highlights, at least I do. I get the gist, the flavor but the details are always fuzzy. I am more a b ig picture person anyone and little details I have faith will work themselves out so don’t pay much attention to them. (Music and art are the exception.) And we remember how we felt more than what we wore, the awe or beauty of the moment rather than the weather. We remember highlights, at least I do. And while these fade for me over time, they attention never gone forever, never forgotten forever, never dead. Memories are alive as long as we are. It is imperitive to make them good ones. We must make as many good as possible. And those horrible ones, we must ask God to diminish and forgive where we can so memories strengthen and support and not bind in fear. Keep the good and ask God to take the bad and heal you and help you forgive so it does not cause harm or limitations.


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