Looking at the Blessed Side of Life

It is the sunny side of the street, the optimistic viewpoint, the good stuff, that green grass under your own feet in your own yard, it is looking at the blessed side of life. We are incredibly blessed. I am incredibly blessed. In every dark valley I chose to walk in or was forced to walk in, there was always that one path, albeit difficult to see at the time, that way to sunshine, that hand out to grab. And in good times, it is more obvious. And as soon as we focus on it and humbly draw near to God, we can see it everywhere. Faith builds up and we can see the blessings more clearly, more poignantly. Of course the evil is still there. It will be more and more as the enemy’s days are numbered and Jesus return is soon. But I can choose to focus on God and humbly search out His blessings and even ways to be a blessing. Oh, there is when you have arrived, matured n in faith. You are not just looking for the light but become it. That, my friends, is spectacularly beautiful! I love you! ❤


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