Family Fun

My kids have had quite a sense of humor lately. I believe it is due to my having thrown tech and anti-social media away, which took quite a bit of my time before. So I have been more present with my family and everyone has benefitted, even me. So my kids are happy enough to start with the jokes and art projects are on an all time high. It is alive and fun n in this house now. It is a remarkable how much the leadership of a parent trickles down to the kids. And they are doing jokes, skits, we are rhyming, changing words to so gs to make them funny and watching funny movies. Music is everywhere because both kids are learning the piano. It is wonderful! Kathleen this morning just got up and was staring at me around the corner to be funny and just giggling. I love my family. I thank God for having me quit my addiction of anti-social media. My family has benefitted so much! It is beautiful!! ❤❤❤


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