Props to Fathers

I was just thinking how when I was growing up b in a small farming town in Michigan, really good father’s were everywhere, they ruled the house, they worked and paid the bills, they took everyone to church, they taught valuable lessons like bike riding and grilling and fishing, they were faithful, they lived their family. Now this evil world has turned against them, feminism and liberal woman-superiority agenda, cheating, feminization of me in the media, men being portrayed as dumb on TV and women and kids are smarter, porn epidemic, so many things are really against God’s original plan. So, that being said, those that don’t fall for all that crap and who are still good fathers despite it all, I give you serious props and am so very glad you choose to do it right when others give in. Great job!!!! You are appreciated iated and treasured and so loved! Keep up the good work!! Real men pray! ❤

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