Praise Song

“I will praise You, Lord, forever. In the morning, I will sing Your praise, for You are good and mighty. All I do I want to give you praise. I will praise You. I will love You. Lord, I will give you praise.”

I wrote this song to Jesus when I was 13. It has the simple standard 4 chords, is simple melodically and most importantly, I mean the words. It has been my go to praise song for Jesus and I have written many others since and some about other things before it, but this was my first praise song, a cry and laugh of my heart. I am wanting to share it and will when I get some time to do a video. Been so busy lately. Until then, I have shared a personal part of me and am joyful and have peace that someone needed a praise song or some lyrics to get them started. Not deep but very very real. Praise can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be but in my heart of hearts, I know it is not the level of depth that God looks for in praise but a humble heart that really appreciates and honors Him and genuinely wants to worship and praise Him. Like on the way home from a very long day today, He blessed the kids and I with the most gorgeous sunset sky I think I have ever seen! His beauty and strength is so amazing and inspiring! He is so good! I love Him!


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