Quilting with Unraveling Fabric

So, I am using what fabric I have already from past projects and some clothes that never fit right and even some clothes the kids outgrew. And the only fabric I have that ties many colors together unravels, is loosely woven and the fabric makers should be ashamed really. And I am working to stich up this fabric into the quilt and it is desperate to unravel. It wants to. Lol But I never let fabric win lol. I will prevail over my awfully prepared fabric. But it got me thinking (like almost anything can) and I feel pretty bad at how frustrating I know I am at times. God is trying to piece our broken rebellious biproducts together into a beautiful quilt and we keep fighting Him, unraveling left and right, sometimes right after we asked for help. And I have one recurring issue I keep recovering then relapsing from. It is all internal, in my head, so no sin, just a confusion over a topic I keep allowing to exist. And I need God to grab some glue and help me keep from unraveling while I fight to bring an end to the confusion. And I need God to do the fighting also because I am just not put together of my own accord on the topic. Sometime we need to give it to God and then not try to pull it back again, pulling on those delicate and precarious threads. Just a thought. 


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