Never Again

I will face challenges. I will have battles brought to my table. I will have to stare evil in the eye at some point on some level. There will be attacks. I will be pushed and tried. All these things are guaranteed. It is not a maybe situation. It will happen. But never again, and I am shouting it to the world, never again will I attempt to fight or react or respond or find success without God. I will never again face an attack or battle or problem alone. I will always go with God. He fights bad guys and has already won the big war and I fight then humbly in continuous prayer and Bible reading. And when the time comes that He ever wants more than that from me, I will hear His still small voice and obey and be ready with great confidence. Never again will I walk alone through anything. I walk with God who loves me unequivocally and deeply on levels man can not go. I beg you to do the same. God is always available. 


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